An Iraq Attack: The Odds Now

Triggers for war loom at every step in the inspection process. Here's a primer on the process -- and the potential pitfalls

Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein bowed to international pressure on Nov. 13 and agreed to allow weapons inspectors back into his country under the terms of a tough new U.N. Security Council resolution. That resolution, approved unanimously on Nov. 8, warns of "serious consequences" if Saddam fails to cooperate with the inspectors, who will be trying to find and destroy chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, as well as missiles that could deliver them. To Arab nations that supported the resolution and to other opponents of the threatened war, the inspections represent Saddam's last chance to avert an American-led attack. Here's a primer to help handicap the odds of a conflict as the U.S.-Iraq showdown plays out.

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