Table: Lagging Their Peers (extended)

Few mutual funds have performed well in the bear market, but these funds have done even worse when compared with similar funds. You might consider selling them if you own them.

Funds that underperformed their category over the last 3 quarters and have at least $500 million assets (all share classes combined)

Fundname Category Ticker Total Underperformance
Dreyfus Midcap Value (DMCVX) Mid-Cap Value -28.7
Fidelity Aggressive Growth (FDEGX) Large Growth -28.5
MFS Mid-Cap Growth A (OTCAX) Mid-Cap Growth -28.1
Firsthand Technology Value (TVFQX) Specialty-Technology -22.5
Vanguard Precious Metals (VGPMX) Specialty-Precious Metals -21.6
White Oak Growth Stock (WOGSX) Large Growth -21.3
RS Emerging Growth (RSEGX) Mid-Cap Growth -19.7
Vanguard Capital Opportunity (VHCOX) Mid-Cap Blend -18.1
RS Diversified Growth (RSDGX) Small Growth -18.0
INVESCO Growth Inv (FLRFX) Large Growth -17.5
John Hancock Large Cap Equity A (TAGRX) Large Blend -17.4
Oppenheimer Quest Balanced Value A (QVGIX) Domestic Hybrid -16.4
MassMutual Instl Intl Equity S (MIEDX) Foreign Stock -15.8
Salomon Brothers Capital O (SACPX) Mid-Cap Blend -15.7
Bear Stearns S&P Stars A (BSPAX) Large Growth -14.8
Alliance Bond Corporate Bond A (CBFAX) Long-Term Bond -14.4
Vantagepoint Aggressive Opportunities (VPAOX) Mid-Cap Growth -14.2
Morgan Stanley Inst Mid Cap Value (MPMVX) Mid-Cap Blend -14.2
Nations MidCap Growth Prim A (NEGRX) Mid-Cap Growth -14.1
Strong Opportunity Inv (SOPFX) Mid-Cap Blend -13.7
Scudder Flag Value Builder A (FLVBX) Domestic Hybrid -12.6
Merrill Lynch Global Growth B (MBGGX) World Stock -12.4
Fidelity Growth Company (FDGRX) Large Growth -12.4
Morgan Stanley Inst Value (MPVLX) Mid-Cap Value -11.4
Seligman Growth A (SGRFX) Large Growth -11.4
INVESCO Dynamics Inv (FIDYX) Mid-Cap Growth -11.0
Oppenheimer Global Growth & Income A (OPGIX) World Stock -11.0
AIM Premier Equity A (AVLFX) Large Blend -11.0
Davis Financial A (RPFGX) Specialty-Financial -11.0
Fidelity Advisor High Inc Advant T (FAHYX) High Yield Bond -10.5
Vanguard U.S. Growth (VWUSX) Large Growth -10.5
MFS Capital Opportunities A (MCOFX) Large Blend -10.5
Morgan Stanley Inst High-Yield (MPHYX) High Yield Bond -10.4
Vantagepoint Asset Allocation (VPAAX) Domestic Hybrid -10.4
Seligman Capital A (SCFIX) Mid-Cap Growth -10.3
Vanguard Asset Allocation (VAAPX) Domestic Hybrid -10.1
Smith Barney Alloc Growth A (SCGRX) Domestic Hybrid -10.1
Merrill Lynch Small Cap Value A (MASPX) Small Blend -10.0
MFS Emerging Growth B (MEGBX) Large Growth -10.0
Smith Barney Premium Total Return B (SOPTX) Domestic Hybrid -9.7
AXP Equity Value B (INEGX) Large Value -9.5
Alliance Growth & Income A (CABDX) Large Value -9.3
Prudential Jennison Equity Opp B (PJIBX) Mid-Cap Value -9.1
Strong Corporate Bond Inv (STCBX) Long-Term Bond -9.0
Oppenheimer Capital Income A (OPPEX) Domestic Hybrid -9.0
Dreyfus Premier Balanced R (PDBLX) Domestic Hybrid -9.0
Smith Barney Large Cap Value A (SBCIX) Large Value -8.7
AIM Balanced A (AMBLX) Domestic Hybrid -8.7
Turner Midcap Growth (TMGFX) Mid-Cap Growth -8.7
Credit Suisse Trust Small Cap Growth (WTSGX) Small Growth -8.7
Putnam OTC Emerging Growth A (POEGX) Mid-Cap Growth -8.6
AIM High-Yield A (AMHYX) High Yield Bond -8.5
First Funds Growth & Income I (MGEQX) Large Blend -8.3
Smith Barney Alloc High Growth A (SCHAX) Mid-Cap Blend -8.1
SEI Instl Mgd Small Cap Growth A (SSCGX) Small Growth -8.0
Royce Low-Priced Stock (RYLPX) Small Value -7.9
Fremont Global (FMAFX) International Hybrid -7.8
SAFECO Equity Inv (SAFQX) Large Blend -7.7
Strong Advisor Common Stock Z (STCSX) Mid-Cap Blend -7.6
Van Kampen High-Income Corporate Bd A (ACHYX) High Yield Bond -7.5
MFS Strategic Growth A (MFSGX) Large Growth -7.5
Dreyfus Emerging Leaders (DRELX) Small Blend -7.5
AXP Mutual A (INMUX) Domestic Hybrid -7.4
Columbia Growth (CLMBX) Large Growth -7.3
Delaware Select Growth A (DVEAX) Large Growth -7.2
Morgan Stanley Special Value B (SVFBX) Small Value -7.1
State Street Research Investment S (STSTX) Large Blend -7.1
Turner Small Cap Value (TCSVX) Small Value -6.9
INVESCO Balanced Inv (IMABX) Domestic Hybrid -6.9
IDEX Janus Global A (IGLBX) World Stock -6.9
Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth A (FRSGX) Mid-Cap Growth -6.8
Liberty Growth & Income B (CFGBX) Large Value -6.7
Galaxy Growth & Income Tr (SMGIX) Large Value -6.6
Fifth Third Quality Growth Inv A (FSQGX) Large Growth -6.5
Consulting Group Large Cap Growth (TLGUX) Large Growth -6.5
Fidelity Convertible Securities (FCVSX) Convertibles -6.5
Vanguard Windsor (VWNDX) Large Value -6.4
Berger Small Cap Value Instl (BSVIX) Small Value -6.3
PIMCO Target C (PTACX) Mid-Cap Growth -6.1
Neuberger Berman Guardian Inv (NGUAX) Large Value -6.1
Salomon Brothers Investors Value O (SAIFX) Large Value -6.0
AIM Weingarten A (WEINX) Large Growth -6.0
Galaxy Equity Growth Ret A (GAEGX) Large Blend -5.8
Strong High-Yield Bond Inv (STHYX) High Yield Bond -5.8
Hartford Stock A (IHSTX) Large Blend -5.7
T. Rowe Price New America Growth (PRWAX) Large Growth -5.7
Smith Barney Large Cap Core 1 (CSGWX) Large Blend -5.6
Wells Fargo Asset Allocation A (SFAAX) Domestic Hybrid -5.5
Hartford Stock HLS IA (HSTAX) Large Blend -5.5
Scudder Total Return A (KTRAX) Domestic Hybrid -5.3
State Street Research Asset Alloc A (SSAMX) Domestic Hybrid -5.2
Hartford Advisers A (ITTAX) Domestic Hybrid -5.2
Prudential Value B (PBQIX) Large Value -5.1
Goldman Sachs Capital Growth A (GSCGX) Large Blend -5.1
Putnam Tax-Free High Yield B (PTHYX) Muni National Long -5.0
Putnam Vista A (PVISX) Mid-Cap Growth -5.0
Smith Barney Balanced B (SLSUX) Domestic Hybrid -4.9
Dreyfus Premier Core Value A (DCVIX) Large Value -4.9
Vanguard Small Cap Index (NAESX) Small Blend -4.9
T. Rowe Price Value (TRVLX) Mid-Cap Value -4.9
Scudder Balanced S (SCBAX) Domestic Hybrid -4.8
Franklin Floating Rate (F000GN) Ultrashort Bond -4.8
JP Morgan Disciplined Equity Instl (JPIEX) Large Blend -4.8
AXP Managed Allocation A (IMRFX) Domestic Hybrid -4.7
Putnam New Opportunities A (PNOPX) Large Growth -4.7
Nuveen Large-Cap Value B (NNGBX) Large Value -4.7
AXP Selective A (INSEX) Intermediate-Term Bond -4.6
JP Morgan Diversified Instl (JPDVX) Domestic Hybrid -4.6
Lutheran Brotherhood A (LUBRX) Large Blend -4.6
T. Rowe Price International Stock (PRITX) Foreign Stock -4.6
DFA U.S. Small Cap (DFSTX) Small Blend -4.5
Strong Short-Term Bond Inv (SSTBX) Short-Term Bond -4.4
Putnam Europe Growth A (PEUGX) Europe Stock -4.4
One Group Large Cap Value I (HLQVX) Large Value -4.3
Van Kampen Pace A (ACPAX) Large Blend -4.3
T. Rowe Price Foreign Equity (PRFEX) Foreign Stock -4.2
T. Rowe Price European Stock (PRESX) Europe Stock -4.2
Vanguard International Growth (VWIGX) Foreign Stock -3.9
Vanguard Growth Equity (VGEQX) Large Growth -3.9
One Group Diversified Equity A (PAVGX) Large Blend -3.9
Wells Fargo Large Co Growth I (NVLCX) Large Growth -3.8
Morgan Stanley Inst Mid Cap Growth (MPEGX) Mid-Cap Growth -3.8
Vanguard Value Index (VIVAX) Large Value -3.6
Alger Capital Appreciation B (ACAPX) Large Growth -3.6
Morgan Stanley Inst US Real Estate A (MSUSX) Specialty-Real Estate -3.5
Merrill Lynch Global Technology B (MBGTX) Specialty-Technology -3.5
Spectra N (SPECX) Large Growth -3.5
Putnam Voyager II A (PVIIX) Mid-Cap Growth -3.5
Evergreen Core Equity Instl (EISCX) Large Blend -3.5
Vanguard Emerging Mkts Stock Idx (VEIEX) Diversified Emerging Mkts -3.4
Calvert Social Investment Balanced A (CSIFX) Domestic Hybrid -3.3
Putnam Research A (PNRAX) Large Blend -3.3
Columbia Real Estate Equity (CREEX) Specialty-Real Estate -3.2
Fidelity Magellan (FMAGX) Large Blend -3.2
SEI Instl Mgd Large Cap Growth A (SELCX) Large Growth -3.2
Columbia Balanced (CBALX) Domestic Hybrid -3.2
Dreyfus Founders Discovery F (FDISX) Small Growth -3.2
Hartford International Opp HLS IA (HIAOX) Foreign Stock -3.2
UBS Tactical Allocation C (KPAAX) Large Blend -3.1
Putnam International Growth A (POVSX) Foreign Stock -3.1
Liberty A (COLFX) Domestic Hybrid -3.1
Vanguard European Stock Index (VEURX) Europe Stock -3.1
Consulting Group Large Cap Value Eqty (TLVUX) Large Value -3.1
Smith Barney Muni High Income B (SXMTX) Muni National Long -3.1
Rochester Fund Municipals A (RMUNX) Muni New York Long -3.0
Phoenix-Oakhurst Balanced A (PHBLX) Domestic Hybrid -2.8
Morgan Stanley S&P 500 Index B (SPIBX) Large Blend -2.8
Prudential Jennison Growth A (PJFAX) Large Growth -2.8
Smith Barney High-Income B (SHIBX) High Yield Bond -2.7
AIM Income A (AMIFX) Multisector Bond -2.6
Strong Ultra Short-Term Muni Inc Inv (SMUAX) Muni Short -2.6
Putnam Capital Appreciation A (PCAPX) Large Blend -2.5
Putnam Municipal Income A (PTFHX) Muni National Long -2.5
AXP Blue Chip Advantage A (IBLUX) Large Blend -2.4
Frank Russell Quantitative Equity S (RQESX) Large Blend -2.4
Fidelity Export & Multinational (FEXPX) Large Blend -2.4
Oppenheimer NY Municipal A (OPNYX) Muni New York Long -2.4
Vanguard Short-Term Tax-Ex (VWSTX) Muni Short -2.1
Frank Russell Equity Q, I (REDSX) Large Blend -2.0
Morgan Stanley Limited Dur USTreas Tr (LDTRX) Short Government -2.0
Evergreen Interm Muni Bd Instl (ESTIX) Muni National Interm -1.9
Fidelity Advisor Growth Opport T (FAGOX) Large Blend -1.9
Smith Barney CA Municipals A (SHRCX) Muni California Long -1.9
Thornburg Value A (TVAFX) Large Blend -1.8
Federated U.S. Govt: 1-3 Yr Instl (FSGVX) Short Government -1.7
MPAM Bond MPAM (MPBFX) Intermediate-Term Bond -1.7
PIMCO High Yield Instl (PHIYX) High Yield Bond -1.7
Nuveen Interm Duration Muni Bond R (NUVBX) Muni National Interm -1.6
Fidelity Trend (FTRNX) Large Blend -1.6
Smith Barney Diversified Strat Inc B (SLDSX) Multisector Bond -1.5
Franklin CA Tax-Free Income A (FKTFX) Muni California Long -1.5
WM Str Asset Mgmt Balanced B (SBBPX) Domestic Hybrid -1.4
Dreyfus Intermediate Municipal Bond (DITEX) Muni National Interm -1.3
AIM Limited Maturity Treasury I (ALMIX) Short Government -1.3
Scudder Growth & Income S (SCDGX) Large Blend -1.3
Nations Municipal Income Prim A (NMUNX) Muni National Long -1.2
American Century Short-Term Govt Inv (TWUSX) Short Government -1.1
Franklin Federal Tax-Free Income A (FKTIX) Muni National Long -1.0
USAA Tax-Exempt Intermediate-Term (USATX) Muni National Interm -0.9
Nations Short-Term Muni Income Prim A (NSMIX) Muni Short -0.9
General Electric S&S Long-Term Int (GESLX) Intermediate-Term Bond -0.8
MFS Limited Maturity A (MQLFX) Short-Term Bond -0.8
Nations Intermediate Muni Bond Prim A (NINMX) Muni National Interm -0.7
MFS Government Limited Maturity A (MGLFX) Short Government -0.5
Franklin NY Tax-Free Income A (FNYTX) Muni New York Long -0.5
JP Morgan NY Intm Tax Free Inc Sel (VINTX) Muni New York Interm -0.3

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