Table: The House That Sandy Built

SEPT. 1972

Travelers, which already owns Smith Barney and Shearson Lehman, buys Salomon Brothers.

NOV. 1998

Weill's heir apparent, Jamie Dimon, resigns.

APR. 2000

Former Citicorp CEO John Reed leaves after losing power struggle with Weill.

OCT. 1999

Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin joins office of the chairman

SEPT. 2000

Citi buys subprime lender Associates First Capital.

APR. 1998

Travelers merges with Citicorp.

MAY 2001

Citi buys Mexican bank Banamex.

DEC. 2001

Spin-off of Travelers announced.

APR. 2002

Citi declares an $800 million write-off on loans to Argentina.

MAY, 2002

Citi buys California thrift Golden State Bancorp.

JULY 2002

Citi bankers testify before Congress.

JUNE 2002

The NASD and New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer investigate star telecom analyst Jack Grubman.

AUG. 2002

Grubman resigns. Spitzer investigates Weill's AT&T connection. House Financial Services Committee investigates share allocations by Salomon Smith Barney.

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