Data on the Fly

The Command Console computer is designed to operate in the new digital combat zone. It can be deployed quickly, is ultraslim and light, and has a liquid-crystal-display touch screen and a backlit keyboard, good for use with night-vision goggles. It employs off-the-shelf commercial electronic components, making it easy to get spare parts almost anywhere in the world.

Logitech International's MouseMan Traveler is designed for businesspeople on the road, folks with small offices, or those who use notebook computers. The MouseMan has hard edges and an aluminum covering.

"The TREO does it all--it's a cell phone, PDA, and Web browser with e-mail and SMS messaging," says IDEA juror, Jack Beduhn. It also can come with a full QWERTY keyboard. The iMac pioneered the big shift in computers, moving the focus away from the box to the screen itself. The 15-inch LCD flat-panel display attaches to an arm, letting people move the screen to their own eye level. The hemispherical computer base makes it easy to connect the iMac to digital cameras, printers, scanners, joysticks, and the iPod.




DESIGNER: Apple Computer

It's a dazzling new shape for the digital era. $1299-$1799

PHOTO ESSAY: 2002 Best Product Designs

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