Are You Loyal to Your Carmaker?

As more foreign companies build more cars on U.S. soil, it's getting harder to tell domestic from import. Does it matter?

U.S. car companies are on the defensive again -- losing market share to foreign automakers. But this time, the battle is being waged on U.S. soil, where importers have built -- and plan to build more -- ultramodern plants that employ tens of thousands of Americans (see BW Cover Story, 7/15/02, "Autos: A New Industry").

Of course, Japanese, European, and Korean carmakers can do well only by impressing U.S. consumers -- many of whom have maintained a strong loyalty to U.S. brands since the foreign invasion began 30 or so years ago.

Where do your car-buying loyalties lie? That's the subject of this BusinessWeek Online survey -- which, as usual, isn't scientific, since anyone who wishes to can participate.

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