Do You Trust Corporate America?

Over the past six months, Corporate America has been rocked by scandal after scandal involving accounting irregularities, executive malfeasance, and brokerage-house shenanigans. And yet, the economy is hanging tough, and the stock markets, though volatile, have taken things more in stride than might have been expected, given the questions raised about the extent to which investors can trust CEOs.

What's your view of the markets, of those who run big companies, and of the numbers those companies report? These are some of the issues we would like to address in this BusinessWeek Online Reader Survey. You can compare your answers to those gathered in the BW/Ipsos-Reid poll that appears in the June 24 issue of BusinessWeek as part of the Cover Story and that asked many of these same questions.

Please remember that this isn't a scientific poll, since anyone who wishes to can participate. But please tell us what you think.

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