MBA Job Outlook, 2002

Yes, you can land a good position, even today -- especially if you have tips from our guest, recruiting whiz Maury Hanigan


It has been a year to forget for much of the MBA Class of '02. Ditching a white-hot economy for business school, recent graduates have come out only to face the worst job market in at least a decade. Career-services offices are scrambling, and MBAs are settling: No longer enjoying multiple offers from Wall Street, many B-school grads have had to look past the glitzy -- and lucrative -- worlds of investment banking and management consulting.

So what industries are snatching up today's MBA grads? Find out by joining us live this Wednesday, June 26, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET, when we welcome recruiting expert Maury Hanigan. She'll be on hand to answer all of your job-related queries.

As CEO of the New York-based Hanigan Consulting Group, she specializes in advising large corporations such as AT&T and Morgan Stanley about recruiting and retaining talent. Hanigan will answer questions about industry hiring trends, how this job market compares to those in past economic downturns, and what the picture might look like two years from now -- when this year's admitted students rejoin the workforce.

Get the job-market dish straight from an industry insider, live on June 26. Your co-hosts for this chat are Jack Dierdorff (BWJack), consulting editor of BW Online and former managing editor of the magazine, and Brian Hindo (BrianBW), BW Online's reporter covering management education.

Hope to see you there!

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