Techs Pull Down Canada Stocks

Europe and Asia markets finish lower

Canada's benchmark S&P/TSX fell 79.78 points, or 1.09%, to 7,247.76. In addition to the warnings from Advanced Micro Devices and Apple Computer, Bay Street had to deal with a lowered outlook from ATI Technologies.

European markets declined on weakness in tech companies based there and bad news from their U.S. counterparts. In London, the Financial Times-Stock Exchange 100 index ended off 49.60 points, or 1.05%, to 4,652.40. In France, the CAC 40 finished down 69.35 points, or 1.73%, to 3,935.58. And in Germany, the DAX Index pulled back 79.03 points, or 1.78%, to 4,354.82.

In Asia, the markets finished lower. In Japan, the Nikkei tumbled 363.75 points, or 3.36%, to close at 10,476.18. Tokyo stocks hit a four-month low, with losses led by brokerages and high-tech firms amid ongoing pessimism over the outlook for U.S. stocks. In Hong Kong, the benchmark Hang Seng index fell 178.93 points, or 1.65%, to close at 10,673.11.

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