Treasuries Finish Higher

Treasuries rose as stocks wavered back and forth. Traders are awaiting Thursday's retail sales data

Treasuries shrugged off a number of miscues from stocks Wednesday, which rotated in and out of positive territory a number of times over the course of the session. It was a featureless day for the curve, marking time before retail sales Thursday, though punctuated with some flurries of activity. A leveraged buyer of September 10-year notes and bonds via a couple shops helped kick the contracts higher at the open, but stocks made one of their numerous come-backs and Treasuries faltered a time or two before closing higher.

The September bond broke into the 102-handle, but stalled at 102-10, closing 12/32 higher. The two-year note and 30-year bond spread remained locked around +250 basis points. There was some brief convexity excitement when declining 10-year swap yields tested the 5.5%, equating with 4.95% cash yields of the same maturity.

A flurry of mortgage-related buying appeared to kick in as those yield thresholds were probed. On the options front, a couple firm were reported selling 108 and 109 calls on September 10-year notes (bearish), which presaged a mid-morning dip. Another sold 10,000 105/106 call spreads.

The Fed's Beige Book outlook was for "modest but uneven growth."

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