Table: Sizing Up HDTV


MITSUBISHI WS-55909 Guarantees technology upgrades for an additional 55-in. projection TV cost. Needs a very large room for viewing. Speakers $5,500* are weak, remotes confusing.

RCA F38310 Contains integrated DirecTV and high-definition 38-in. wide-screen tuners. Curved screen picks up glare. At 216 lbs., direct view the unit is a heavyweight. No way to record either $2,200* digital or analog programs from the television.

SAMSUNG TSL3099WHF Fits comfortably in any living room but is smaller Tantus DynaFlat 30-in. than most might want. Needs set-top box to decode wide-screen direct high-definition signals. Operating remote control view $2,500* requires a degree in electronics.

SONY WEGA KD34XBR2 Standout technology with numerous audio/visual 34-in. wide-screen inputs. Built-in tuner automatically upgrades even direct view today's analog signals. Silver finish and front- $3,999* mounted speakers are more prone to damage. Lacks connector to record digital programs from TV.

* Suggested retail

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