Will the Homeland Be Made Safer?

Let us know what you think about President Bush's decision to create a new Cabinet department to counter terrorism in the U.S.

On June 6, President George W. Bush proposed adding a new Homeland Security Dept. to his Cabinet to coordinate the government's campaign against terrorism -- and to help avoid the kind of intelligence lapses that may or may not have contributed to the success of the terrorist attacks against New York and Washington last September 11.

The new department would be formed by collecting under one roof existing federal agencies that have 169,000 employees and budgets totaling $37.4 billion -- but would exclude the FBI and the CIA.

What's your opinion of this approach to defending the country against terrorists? And how willing are you to live with some of the side effects of such an approach, including intrusions into your personal privacy? (See BW Online, 6/5/02, "Special Report: New Threats to Privacy".)

That's what we hope to discover in this Reader Survey, which, as always, isn't a scientific poll, since anyone who wishes to can participate.

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