Table: Free Passware


ACCESS MANAGER Creates alphabetical, but searchable, list of entries. Click on password list to open corres- ponding Web sites. Copy and paste log-ins with mouse clicks.

KEYWALLET Best-looking, most automated manager. Creates entries as you log in to each application or Web site. Drag and drop single entry to fill user I.D. and password boxes simultaneously.

OUBLIETTE Allows up to 25 categories of passwords. Reach Web sites from password entries. Generates ran- dom passwords of any length and includes symbols.

PASSWORD SAFE Easiest to use, but with limitations: Can't print list; can only create 8-digit alphanumeric labs.html passwords. Don't confuse with PasswordSafe, a different product.

WHISPER 32 Very simple Windows program stores passwords in single list. Copy user I.D. and password to log- in boxes with edit menu, keyboard commands.

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