Table: FIFA's Chief under Fire

ACCUSATION: Blatter gave $25,000 to an ex-referee who supplied damaging

information on a foe.

BLATTER'S RESPONSE: The money was a personal gift to a friend in financial need and was not intended as an under-the-table payoff.

ACCUSATION: FIFA gives business to McKinsey & Co. in Zurich, where Blatter's nephew is a partner.

BLATTER'S RESPONSE: Contracts were awarded through competitive bids. McKinsey won fair and square.

ACCUSATION: Blatter awarded U.S. broadcast rights to the 2002 World Cup to KirchMedia, rejecting a higher offer.

BLATTER'S RESPONSE: Blatter says that he doubted the reliability of the other bidder and that Kirch had a good track record.

ACCUSATION: FIFA booked proceeds from securitization of World Cup 2006 rights as current income.

BLATTER'S RESPONSE: There's nothing improper in this accounting practice.

ACCUSATION: Blatter blocked an audit ordered by members of FIFA's executive committee.

BLATTER'S RESPONSE: Blatter claims "confidentiality was breached."

Data: FIFA documents, BusinessWeek

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