Table: An Archipelago of Investor Headaches


RIO TINTO (Britain) Locked in a bitter legal battle with East Kalimantan provincial government over control of Kaltim Prima Coal

AT&T WIRELESS (U.S.) Is selling its stake in Aria West telephone West Java network after disputes with joint-venture partner and Telecommunications Ministry

CEMEX (Mexico) Has been unable to increase its 25% stake West Sumatra in Semen Gresik due to squabbles between local and central government officials

EXXONMOBIL (U.S.) Guerrilla attacks have forced shutdowns of Aceh natural gas operations; accused by activists of abetting human rights abuses, which company denies

MANULIFE (Canada) Local executive jailed 20 days after Indonesian Jakarta partner claimed company had illegally acquired stake in Asuransi Jiwa insurance venture

MISSION ENERGY (U.S.) After finishing construction of a $2.5 billion East Java power plant, state-owned utility is forcing it to renegotiate electricity rates

SAMSUNG (Korea) Since he began complaining about corruption and Jakarta smuggling, local manager for appliance sales has received repeated death threats

Data: BusinessWeek

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