Table: Getting Started

Planning to take up an instrument or return to a childhood favorite? Here's a sampling of resources:


ADULT MUSIC STUDENT FORUM An organization of adult music students and educators in the 202 686-3513 Washington area that frequently sponsors student recitals.

INTERNATIONAL MUSIC Helps you locate retailers in its PRODUCTS ASSN. Weekend Warriors program, which 800 767-6266 ext.129 puts adults into rock bands.

MUSIC TEACHERS NATIONAL ASSN. Offers advice, including inter- view tips, on finding a private 513 421-1420 music teacher and a directory of its certified members.

NATIONAL PIANO FOUNDATION Click on the publications area for articles about starting piano 972 233-9107 lessons as an adult and choosing a piano.

NEW HORIZONS BAND About 60 bands and orchestras nationwide for adults age 50 and up. Offers group lessons for beginners.

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