Table: Action Heats Up Hollywood's Summer

The box office is projected to be up as much as 15% this summer over last year, to $3.5 billion, largely on the draw of big action movies. Here's what should be packing theaters:

FLICK STUDIO BUDGET RELEASE (MILLIONS) DATE SPIDER-MAN Sony $139 May 3 It took two decades to spin out this wall- crawling blockbuster

STAR WARS: EPISODE II 20th Century Fox 140 May 16 --ATTACK OF THE CLONES George Lucas, Jedis, light sabers, and a love story, too

SCOOBY-DOO Warner Bros. 97 June 14 A computer-generated Scooby and live-action Shaggy save the world

MINORITY REPORT 20th Century Fox 80 June 21 This Steven Spielberg tale has Tom Cruise as a futuristic cop solving murders before they happen

AUSTIN POWERS 3 New Line Cinema 63 July 26 Mike Myers takes on Dr. Evil and Mini-Me again, allied with "Goldmember"

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