Table: Merger Windfall

The HP-Compaq combo would get 70% of the home-PC market. Since the Sept. 4 merger announcement, U.S. retailers have sought alternative brands. Here's who could benefit:


It is carving out ground in high-end home PCs with its VAIO models. Sony's market share in revenues rose from 18% in August to 22.8% in December.


The onetime king of the sub-$1,000 PC was near death last year. Now, as the biggest supplier of inexpensive models, its shelf space has jumped from 10.1% in August to 13.8% in February.


The retailer introduced its own vpr Matrix line of PCs in January. Retailer-branded PCs have bombed in the past. But these models, priced below the leading brand names, are selling well so far.

Data: NPD Group Inc. and ARS Inc.

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