Flying in Today's World

Are your habits different now than they were before September 11? Do you think flying is safer these days?

Probably no industry suffered as many ill effects in the wake of September 11 as the airline industry. Corporate travel plummeted 35% almost immediately and has yet to recover entirely (see BW, 4/1/02, "Road Warriors Fly Smart").

Still, business is picking up at the airlines, which are recalling laid-off employees and even trying to raise fares. The question now is whether business and vacation travelers will shake off their post-September 11 concerns and take to the skies as before -- or whether the airline business will take a lot longer to recover fully.

That's the issue we'd like to explore in this BusinessWeek Online Reader Survey. Please remember that this isn't a scientific poll, since anyone who chooses to can participate. Still, air-travel safety and security remain major issues, and we would like to hear your opinions.

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