Go Remote

Compact but pricey universal controller is programmable from a PC

By Anne B. McDonald

Tired of using multiple remotes to get your home theater system fired up? Check out Intrigue Technologies' new universal controller, the Harmony Internet Powered Universal Remote. It's programmable from a PC using the Internet and a USB connection. The compact but pricey ($199) remote is fairly easy to set up if your equipment's data is already stored in Harmony's database. If not, the setup process is time-consuming--especially if you don't have a broadband connection, as the site isn't terribly well designed. But when you've finished, and you've loaded the information into the remote, you get one-button access to your entertainment options.

When you choose "Watch TV" or "Game Console," for instance, and then press the power button, the remote will instantly turn on all the devices needed. The Harmony also downloads local TV listings and has a nifty feature called Zap that takes information from your TV via the remote--say, a show's URL--and puts it on your home page on the company's site.

From the May 2002 issue of PC World magazine

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