PC to Apple?

Watch out, Bill Gates, our unscientific survey finds a big percentage of PC users would consider switching to a Mac

News flash! Windows PCs don't seem to inspire the kind of loyalty that Macs do. At least, that's the conclusion you might draw from the nearly 1,800 responses to our Mar. 27 reader survey, entitled: PC to Apple?

Some 49% of the respondents -- about 800 people -- said they would consider switching from a Windows PC to a Mac. That's a particularly impressive total, considering that only about 675 people -- or 38% of the respondents -- said they currently don't own any kind of Apple computer.

How could the number of people who are willing to switch be 125 greater than the number who don't have an Apple? Well, it could be that some folks in the larger group own both Macs and PCs -- and are willing to abandon the PC. Or, it could be that some Mac owners decided to help tilt the results of the survey a little, to give a boost to their favorite machine. Either way, the conclusion is the same: No computer inspires so much loyalty as a Mac.

Incidentally, about 60% of the respondents said that if they were to buy a new Apple today, it probably would be an iMac. Around 20% would choose a G-4, and a significant number -- 13.5% -- would choose a high-end TiBook laptop.

Please remember that this wasn't a scientific poll, since anyone who chose to could participate in the survey. With that caveat, here are the detailed results:

Do you now own any model of Apple computer?

Option Total %  
Yes 1110 62.29 %
No 672 37.71 %

If you own a Windows PC, would you consider switching to a Mac?

Option Total %  
Yes 795 49.13 %
No 80 4.94 %
Not sure 36 2.22 %
I already own a Mac 707 43.7 %

If you were to buy a new Mac now, which model would you most likely purchase?

Option Total %  
The new iMac 1067 60.83 %
A G4 335 19.1 %
An iBook laptop 114 6.50 %
A TiBook laptop 238 13.57 %
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