Global Warming: Is It Real?

Our readers sure seem convinced that it's something to worry about. More important, they think it's worth trying to do something about

It's official: Global warming is arriving. At least that's what most of the 1,775 people who answered our Reader Survey on the subject think. By an overwhelming margin, moreover, they're putting their faith in technology to solve the problem, though a majority think it would also be wise for President George Bush to reconsider his opposition to the 1997 Kyoto agreement that's aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

To summarize the specifics (which you can also see below):

• Two-thirds of the respondents think global warming is starting to occur and that it poses a danger to humans.

• A remarkably consistent 57% to 58% think humans have an ability to slow global warming, would be willing to change their lifestyle significantly to slow it, and want Bush to sign the Kyoto accord.

• More than 84% would be willing to try new technologies, such as alternative-fuel cars or solar collectors, to defend against global warming.

Make sense? To find out for sure, tune in again in about 50 years.

The full results:

1. Do you think that global warming is starting to occur?

Option Total %  
Yes 1193 66.83 %
No 393 22.02 %
Don't know 199 11.15 %

2. Do you think that global warming would pose a danger to humans?

Option Total %  
Yes 1187 66.76 %
No 429 24.13 %
Don't know 162 9.11 %

3. If global warming is occuring, do you think humans have the ability to slow it?

Option Total %  
Yes 1033 58.1 %
No 556 31.27 %
Don't know 189 10.63 %

4. Would you be willing to change your lifestyle significantly to try to defend against global warming?

Option Total %  
Yes 1024 57.69 %
No 555 31.27 %
Don't know 196 11.04 %

5. Would you be willing to try new technologies -- such as alternative-fuel cars, or solar collectors to power your home?

Option Total %  
Yes 1501 84.23 %
No 190 10.66 %
Don't know 91 5.11 %

6. Do you think President Bush should reconsider, and sign the Kyoto agreement to curb greenhouse gases?

Option Total %  
Yes 1022 57.29 %
No 589 33.02 %
Don't know 173 9.70 %
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