BW50/ S&P 500 Scoreboard and Screener Footnotes

NR** - Indicates companies that were not ranked because our data on them were incomplete. They are: AOL Time Warner, Bear Stearns, Countrywide Credit Industries, Fluor, and Unilever NV.

NR - Indicates companies that were not ranked because of significant questions about their accounting. They are: Qwest Communications International, WorldCom Group, Nvidia, PNC Financial Services Group, and Computer Associates International.

See main story for more details and responses from the companies.

The financial data is updated monthly, but Stock Price, Market Cap, Return on Equity, Price-to-Sales Ratio, Price-to-Earnings Ratio, and Price-to-Future Earnings Ratio is updated daily.

The monthly updates also include changes in the S&P 500 index. The companies added to the S&P 500 index after Feb. 28, 2002 will be not be ranked (NR), while the companies deleted from the index will be dropped from the list.

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