Table: Europe's Woes


CRIME Hold on to that cell phone in Paris. Violent street robberies, led by phone-snatchings, are up 23% in the last year.

POLITICS Crime is the No. 1 issue in upcoming presidential election. Jospin admits he underestimated it.


CRIME Theft fell 2.7% in the last eight months; Berlusconi credits push against illegal immigration.

POLITICS Proposed law puts tight clamps on immigrants. Human rights activists say foreigners are often scapegoats for crime.


CRIME An exception in Europe, Germany's crime rate declined steadily in the late '90s.

POLITICS Unemployment matters far more. Crime counts mainly in local races.


CRIME Robbery surged nearly 40% in London since April, 2001, and moved into rich neighborhoods such as Twickenham.

POLITICS Tories are using crime to slam Tony Blair. The government is clamping electronic tags on youthful defendants out on bail as they await trial.


CRIME Rose 10.5% in 2001, leading to increased concern about immigration.

POLITICS Socialists accuse Prime Minister Aznar of ignoring crime and push for longer jail terms for repeat offenders.

Data: BusinessWeek

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