Raising Forecast for Maytag

S&P revises earnings estimates for Conseco and others

Company: Cable Design Technologies (CDT )

Year ending: Jul-02

Prior estimate: 0.18

New estimate: 0.16

Rationale: Slower prospects

Company: Conseco (CNC )

Year ending: Dec-02

Prior estimate: 1.00

New estimate: 0.75

Rationale: Fragile financial situation

Company: Hanover Compressor (HC )

Year ending: Dec-02

Prior estimate: 1.80

New estimate: 1.40

Rationale: Company accounting review

Company: Maytag Corp. (MYG )

Year ending: Dec-02

Prior estimate: 2.18

New estimate: 2.52

Rationale: Higher sales, improved mix

Company: Read-Rite (RDRT )

Year ending: Sep-02

Prior estimate: d0.30

New estimate: d0.80

Rationale: Poor product transition

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