Inside the No. 1 Tech Outsourcer

In a Q&A, Flextronics CEO Michael Marks talks about the state of technology, his industry, and his company

Like a lot of technology companies, contract manufacturer Flextronics International barreled into 2001 confident that it could maintain its phenomenal growth. And considering the carnage visited on America's technology sector, Flextronics (FLEX ), Singapore-domiciled but with its main operations in Silicon Valley, so far has fared surprisingly well. Especially when you consider that some of its biggest customers are Cisco (CSCO ), Hewlett-Packard (HWP ), Lucent (LU ), Ericsson (ERICY ), and Motorola (MOT ). Even though profits dropped by 19%, to $249 million, in the first nine months of its fiscal year, its revenues rose by about 11%, to $9.8 billion. Flextronics has surged past traditional industry leader Solectron, whose sales plunged in 2001.

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