Table: BusinessWeek/Harris Poll: A Growing Sense of Anger? (extended)

Disenchantment with Corporate America is on the rise,

and the Enron Scandal has left many uneasy.

Would you say you have a great deal of confidence, only

some confidence, or hardly any confidence in the

people running major corporations?

A Great Deal Only Some Hardly Any

1999 15% 69% 13%

2002 16% 56% 27%

How would you rate large U.S. companies on the


Pretty Only

Excellent Good Fair Poor

Having ethical business practices

2002 3% 30% 42% 22%

2000 4% 33% 42% 19%

Being straightforward and honest in dealing with consumers and employees

2002 3% 23% 46% 27%

2000 4% 20% 45% 29%

Making good products and competing in a global economy

2002 17% 50% 25% 6%

2000 18% 50% 26% 5%

1996 14% 44% 33% 9%

Thinking about the power of different groups in influencing government

policy, politicians, and policymakers in Washington, do you think big

companies have:

Too much influence Too little influence About the right amount

2002 70% 3% 24%

2000 74% 5% 20%

1999 82% 8% 3%

How familiar are you with the recent events at Enron?

Very familiar 16%

Somewhat familiar 52

Not very familiar 16

Not familiar at all 1

Enron executives have been charged with putting their own personal

interests ahead of workers and shareholders. Do you think this is true

of many other large companies, or not?

Is True 79%

Not True 14%

Not Sure 6%

Enron employees had a lot of their 401(k) and retirement money in the

company's stock, so they lost most of it when the stock crashed. Do you

think the government should regulate companies more closely to prevent

this from happening at other companies, or not?

Government should regulate 73%

Government should not regulate 23%

Not Sure 4%

Given what happened with Enron, are you more likely to invest in the

stock market, less likely, or won't it have any impact on how you might


More likely 6%

Less likely 30%

Won't have any impact 60%

How much confidence do you have in the following being effective watchdogs

over big companies?

A Great

Deal of Only Some Hardly Any

Confidence Confidence Confidence

Government agencies 11% 60% 28%

Accountants 11% 58% 29%

Lawyers 7% 43% 47%

Based on a survey of 886 adults conducted Jan. 16-21, 2002. Results should be

accurate within 3 percentage points.

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