Table: Enron: Lining Up on Capitol Hill


Senator Joseph I. Lieberman (Conn.)

His Governmental Affairs panel will look for regulatory weaknesses that abetted Enron's rise and fall.

Senator Carl Levin (Mich.)

He will lead the attack. His permanent subcommittee on investigations will be aggressive and partisan.

Representative John D. Dingell (Mich.)

Longtime chair of Energy & Commerce panel, now in minority, is likely to be vigorous in attacking Enron and the SEC.


Senator Phil Gramm (Tex.)

His close ties to Enron have kept the Banking Committee, which Gramm once chaired, on the sidelines.

Representative W. J. "Billy" Tauzin (La.)

An in-depth probe by his Energy & Commerce panel is giving the GOP cover--and time to regroup.

Representative Michael G. Oxley (Ohio)

His Financial Services panel was first to hold hearings, where both parties vented outrage.

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