Moving Up to Management

Going from one of the gang to leader of the pack is a tricky step. Here's advice on selling your ability to do so

Q: I am currently beginning the interview process for a job that is higher up the corporate ladder. My current job can be characterized as training/consulting/development, and the potential new job is a management role overseeing others in my current job. Can you give me any ideas on typical interview questions or books and reference materials concerning managing others?

-- K.C.


Hel-lo migraine! So you want to go from being supervisee to supervisor, huh? You aren't alone, but your background could give you a leg up on other candidates who also lack experience managing others, experts say. Thanks to your work in training, for example, you likely already have persuaded people to accept a certain point of view, helped employees move toward consensus, and accomplished tasks by motivating others to do them, says Margaretta Noonan, senior vice-president for global human resources at TMP Worldwide, a large recruiter. "All these are typical challenges of managing others," Noonan adds.

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