The Quiz

Yes, there was news before September 11. Take our quiz and find out how much you remember. There's no prize, but just think how smart you'll feel if you get all the answers right.


Which was the second-biggest bankruptcy filing (after Enron) of 2001?

a. Federal-Mogul

b. Pacific Gas & Electric

c. Reliance Group

d. FINOVA Group


Which of these has not filed for bankruptcy?

a. Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel

b. LTV

c. Bethlehem Steel

d. National Steel


About what percentage of U.S. households has broadband Internet access?

a. 5%

b. 10%

c. 15%

d. 20%


At the time of California's energy crisis, about how many states were planning to deregulate their retail electricity sales?

a. 25

b. 15

c. 10

d. 5


Which two companies were both winners in the 2001 Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan eBusiness Awards?

a. Palm and Lucent

b. GE and eBay

c. Enron and Napster

d. Palm and


Former President Bill Clinton received a $10 million advance for his memoirs from which publishing company?

a. Harper Collins

b. Knopf

c. Simon & Schuster

d. Farrar, Straus & Giroux


W.James McNerney Jr. now heads which company after getting passed over for the top job at General Electric?

a. 3M

b. Home Depot

c. Conseco

d. Honeywell International

e. Lucent Technologies


Boeing relocated its headquarters from Seattle to which city in 2001:

a. Atlanta

b. Chicago

c. Dallas

d. Denver


Which drug was approved this year and is almost guaranteed to be a blockbuster?

a. Cialis, for erectile dysfunction

b. Gleevec, to treat leukemia

c. Vioxx, a painkiller

d. Xigris, to treat sepsis


Enron did not plan an online exchange for which industry?

a. container shipping

b. lumber

c. media

d. broadband access


About 13 million square feet of office space were lost when the World Trade Center collapsed. That's about equal to the total amount of office space in downtown:

a. New Haven

b. Houston

c. Atlanta

d. Fort Worth


Which of these airlines did not turn a profit in the quarter ended Sept. 30?

a. Alaska Air

b. Frontier

c. Midwest Express

d. Southwest


Which of these countries does not share a border with Afghanistan?

a. China

b. Turkmenistan

c. Iran

d. Kazakhstan


Which two aircraft have been used as surveillance drones in Afghanistan by the U.S. military?

a. Predator

b. Raptor

c. Global Hawk

d. Canard Rotor/Wing


Which of these '60s-era cars is being reintroduced for 2002?

a. Mini Cooper

b. MG Midget

c. Triumph Spitfire

d. Austin Healy 3000


True or False?

a) A D.C. Federal Appeals Court has ruled that Microsoft is a monopoly.

b) Under the proposed settlement, the Justice Dept.'s antitrust cops will begin patrolling the hallways of Microsoft's Redmond (Wash.) campus.

c) The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review the Microsoft case.

d) Mario Monti, the European Union's top antitrust enforcer, is considering breaking up Microsoft.

e) The Microsoft case is nearing its resolution.


Match the investment or index with the year-to-date return, through November:

a) 1-year Treasuries

b) 10-year Treasuries

c) Dow

d) S&P 500

e) Nasdaq

f) Gold

-12.6%, +4.9%, -21%, +6.3%, -7.1%, +2.0%

Data: Bianco Research, Bloomberg Financial Markets

Edited by Sheridan Prasso

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