Table: The Key Players in the HP-Compaq Merger


Walter B. Hewlett

The outspoken dissident. The last remaining board member from the founding families went public with his opposition to the Compaq (CPQ ) deal on Nov. 6. Now he's actively soliciting other shareholders to vote against the deal.

David Woodley Packard

The son of HP (HWP ) co-founder Dave Packard said he would vote the 1.3% stake he controls against the Compaq deal the day after childhood friend Walter Hewlett announced his opposition. His big problem with the deal: It would require 15,000 layoffs.

Susan Packard Orr

The daughter of Dave Packard and chairperson of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation has been a supporter of Fiorina. But she and the foundation decided to vote against the Compaq merger because of its high risks.

Lewis E. Platt

When HP's fortunes slowed in the late 1990s, HP's humble then-CEO made way for the flashy Fiorina. He is one of the 12 members of the Packard Foundation board who voted against the deal.


Richard A. Hackborn

The HP veteran, known for building the printing business from scratch, is just a notch below "Bill and Dave" in the HP pantheon. Now a board member, he is a crucial Fiorina ally through his staunch support for the Compaq deal.

Larry W. Sonsini

The chairman of law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati has had a critical role in the Compaq feud. In August, he told Walter Hewlett that he could vote with HP's board to buy Compaq, even if he later chose to vote his shares against it.

Thomas J. Perkins

The 69-year-old founding partner of venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers sits on Compaq's board. He has become one of the merger's head cheerleaders and has voiced frustration with the HP infighting.

Michael D. Capellas

After taking over troubled Compaq in 1999, Capellas tried repeated restructurings that failed to reverse market share declines and mounting losses. He says the merger will beef up Compaq's key services and high-end computer businesses.

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