Table: Tech Spending 2002

In a year of cautious spending, these products offer more bang for the buck

Product Vendor Category Price Comments

PRO/WIRELESS Intel Wireless $750 Increases data 5000 ( networking transfer speeds STARTER KIT of current wireless LANs fivefold

MAX 8 Net2Phone Internet $1,800 plus Reduces long- VOIP GATEWAY ( telephony about $200 distance phone for instal- costs with lation Internet tel- ephony

PCANYWHERE Symantec Internet 5-user and Improves data VERSION 10.5 ( security 10-user security for software packs cost remote workers about $645 and $1,280, respectively

TREO Handspring Wireless $399 with Compact and ( cell-phone/ annual wire- versatile; organizer/ less service available Web browser plan; $549 early first without quarter 2002

SNAP SERVER Quantum Data storage $1,499 Add 160 giga- 2200 ( for networks bytes of space anywhere on a LAN in about 10 minutes

WINBOOK WinBook Notebook $1,499 Good price ( computer and features; manufacturer has strong track record

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