Table: What Must Be Done Immediately


The U.S. and its allies must ensure delivery of food. They must also ensure the rapid deployment of U.N.-backed peacekeepers from Canada, Europe, and Muslim nations. Resumption of essential services is also critical, including water, sanitation, health care, and minefield-clearing.



A massive program must be launched to rebuild roads, bridges, airports, schools, irrigation channels, and wells. Agriculture also needs to be shored up, followed by resumption of opium-substitution programs and a jobs-and-retraining program to help reintegrate some 4 million refugees.


Afghans working with international groups will need to develop a modern financial and judicial system, establish a constitution, hold national elections, and build a national army. They must also encourage foreign investment, including the construction of a long-discussed oil-and-gas pipeline from Central Asia to Arabian Sea.

TOTAL COST: Over $10 billion

Data: BusinessWeek

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