Table: On the Run

As the Taliban collapses and the hunt for bin Laden narrows, the crackdown on terrorism intensifies:


Few charges filed. More than 1,000 suspects are in custody, and the Justice Dept. seeks to conduct 5,000 interviews. FBI, Pentagon, and Treasury are working more closely to coordinate efforts.


More than 30 suspects with alleged links to al Qaeda detained; intense surveillance of Islamic groups. Vast toughening of police powers in legislation passed in November.


6,000 tips lead to investigations of 448 people. Government suspects a dozen people may have been involved in the September 11 attacks. Anti-terrorist legislation to be strengthened.


Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas is one of eight suspected Islamic operatives charged with accessory to murder in the September 11 attacks.


Forty-nine suspects under interrogation, eight suspected Islamic terrorists jailed, and 20 suspect bank accounts frozen. An anti-terrorist swat team of 600 agents was created in October, and legislation providing new penalties for terrorism is in the works.

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