Table: Daft's Spotty Report Card

In his first two years, Doug Daft has attempted sweeping changes at Coca-Cola. Here's how his initiatives have fared:

More Brands

With the core cola market flat, Daft has pushed hard to diversify. Coke now has 1,500 different drinks, counting different sizes, around the world, vs. 1,000 a year ago. But Daft's bid for Quaker Oats was vetoed by his own board, and Daft himself backed out of a juice venture with Procter & Gamble. Grade: C

Cut The Fat

Daft took an ax to Coke's bloated bureaucracy, ousting 20% of headquarters staff. Coke execs say decisions are now made faster, but critics say the cuts depleted a once-deep bench. Grade: B

Go Local

In two years, Daft has failed to mount a coherent marketing campaign in the all-important U.S. market. And a move to tailor ads to local markets overseas has had mixed results. In Germany, Daft fired a top exec for ads that were too edgy. Grade: D

Mend Ties

With Coke's bottlers in near-revolt, Daft has labored to mend relations--giving bottlers more leeway to market and invest as they see fit. But success may come at a cost: Coke may have to sacrifice some of its own profit to help nurse its bottlers back to health. Grade: A

Data: BusinessWeek

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