Dandy Desktop Shortcuts

Sensiva version 3 allows you to scribble onscreen to open applications and launch other shortcuts

By Aoife McEvoy

Wending your way through Windows involves so many tedious tasks. When you want to maximize or minimize a program, for example, you have to bring your pointer up to the top right-hand corner and click. When you want to launch an application that doesn't load at start-up, you must either double-click an icon on your desktop or click programs in the start menu. Sensiva version 3 offers various shortcuts for tiresome, repetitive actions, which is great for impatient people like me.

To test the shipping software, I downloaded a 1.41MB file on a free 30-day trial offer from Sensiva. Then I right-clicked my mouse, held down the button, and followed Sensiva's cheat sheet to draw letters or symbols, anyplace on my screen, that keyed to my other applications. (The version 3 software also allows you to customize Web sites--and bypass log-in screens.) For instance, you would draw W to launch Microsoft Word, draw a slash (/) downward to minimize the program you were in, or draw L to insert your signature file in any application. The software has 19 customizable symbols.

Priced at $30, Sensiva works on all flavors of Windows (including 95 and XP) and with all kinds of mice. But draw the symbols just as shown on the cheat sheet. If you don't, Sensiva won't recognize them.

From the January 2002 issue of PC World magazine

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