Table: The Lowdown on Eyeglass Displays

Here's the latest in eyeglass-style gear that essentially acts as a computer monitor. Plug the glasses into a PC or game console, and the view is like a large-screen monitor six feet away.


EYE-TREK FMD-700 $1,199 This Rolls-Royce model hooks into virtually Olympus any electronic device. Gamers will love it, but poor resolution makes reading spreadsheets and text a trial.

CY-VISOR DH-4400VP 999* Boasts cool reflective silver lenses and a Personal Display Systems wraparound head-band that's tops in comfort. Great for watching video and playing games, but reading text is painful.

EYE-TREK FMD-20P 399 It's designed for Sony's PlayStation2 game Olympus console. Gamers would do better to shell out more bucks for a big-screen TV, since the suggested time for using the display is no more than two hours.

GLASSTRON PLM-A35 400 Discontinued this summer, the Glasstron is Sony still sold on the Internet. If e-tailers heavily discount it for the holidays, the Sony unit could be an affordable way to sample the technology.

* Personal Displays says it's boosting the price of this model to $1,299 on Nov. 1

Data: BusinessWeek, Company Reports

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