Table: Rethinking the Relationship

Russia is emerging as a strong ally to the U.S., but sources of tension remain


The War against Terrorism

The effort provides the two nations with shared strategic interests for the first time since World War II.

Economic Development

Putin has pushed through the Duma a broad array of reform legislation that could make U.S. investments in Russia much more attractive.

Nuclear Strategy

Both sides want to slash nuclear arsenals dramatically, and an agreement could give Putin political cover to O.K. expanded U.S. testing for a missile shield.


Weapons Proliferation

The U.S. objects to Russia's sales of weapons to China and its transfer of nuclear power technology to Iran.

Human Rights

Washington doesn't want the fight against terrorism to be used as a cover for clamping down on political dissidents in Chechnya or the media.

Missile Defense

An interim deal may be done in Washington, but Moscow still fears the Bush Administration's missile shield could upset an arms control regime that has ensured peace.

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