The BusinessWeek Best-Seller List

Those with more drive time than reading opportunity no longer have to go without a dose of Jack Welch. Jack: Straight From the Gut, the No. 2 hardback on this month's list, is now available in audio. There's a 14-hour full-length version, read by New York Daily News columnist Mike Barnicle. But you'll likely want the 6-hour abridged rendition, since it features the raspy, Massachusetts-accented voice of the author himself (TimeWarner, $25.98 for cassettes, $29.98 for CDs).

Most chapters have been streamlined, and that's largely to the good. Winning, very personal bits remain--along with a sophistic and unpersuasive section on ranking GE personnel. Five chapters are entirely excised. The most serious loss is chapter 15, "Too Full of Myself," on GE's 1986 acquisition of Kidder, Peabody. Here, Welch rants against Wall Street's "entitlement culture" and tells of his "worst nightmare"--the discovery of a "$350 million hole" in trader Joe Jett's account.

By Hardy Green

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