Table: Untangling the Web

In the rush to the Net, many companies let departments throw up Web sites with little regard for how they would help the overall business. Now they're trying to untangle their Net initiatives and get them focused on their core business. Here's a sampling:

THE OLD WAY THE NEW WAY Citigroup In 1997, Citicorp set up A Corporate Internet e-Citi as an incubator to Operating Group oversees come up with Web businesses. Net strategy, with e-Citi E-Citi spent $1.1 billion providing technical support. and launched an Internet- Now Citi has 38 U.S. sites, only bank called Citi f/i, down from over 100. Citi- which landed only 30,000 group says moving its back- customers and created office functions online will tension with other bank save $1 billion-plus next units. year.

Ryder System Separate divisions put up All the company's Web sites 10 Web sites for everything are now linked to from selling used tractor- A redesign helps customers trailers to emergency road- locate their shipments side service. But many didn't within two clicks. Now Ryder link to the corporate site, uses the Web to coordinate And its shipment- its picking, packing, and tracking service was buried shipping for customers. 10 clicks deep into the site.

Deere & Co. Managers launched 13 Web The company merged the initiatives, serving mar- Web sites into kets that generated little Now customers can buy revenue. Deere makes most new or used equipment, of its profits selling seek service or repairs new construction equipment, --or even use the Web yet it had three sites site to configure their for used equipment. own gear, a first for Deere.

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