Table: Top 10 Charity Funds

Almost $1 billion has been raised since September 11. As of Oct. 17, these are the biggest funds:


AMERICAN $452 $109 Basic needs of victims and RED CROSS related long-term programs

SEPTEMBER 320 16 For the needs of victims, 11TH FUND* families, and neighborhoods affected

TWIN TOWERS 50.3 0 Assists families of uniformed FUND and other government personnel killed or injured

NEW YORK TIMES 36 2.7 Assists affected individuals 9/11 NEEDIEST and communities

SALVATION 35 not yet Immediate needs of affected ARMY tallied people not helped by others

FAMILIES FOR 25.5 0** Scholarship fund for children FREEDOM of victims

NYC FIREFIGHTERS 25 6.9 Aid for families of 344 missing 9-11 DISASTER and killed firefighters RELIEF FUND

NY STATE WORLD TRADE 20.5 0*** All victims and their CENTER RELIEF FUND families/dependents

ROBIN HOOD 16.8 2 Support for low-income victims RELIEF FUND and their families

WORLD VISION 8.4 0.75 For emergency, long-term, and & CONCERTS unmet needs, provided by faith- OF PRAYER (NY) based groups

* Includes the Tribute to Heroes Telethon ** Disbursement starting Jan. 2, 2002 *** No mechanism yet for disbursement

Data: Journal of Philanthropy, BusinessWeek

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