Power One Loss Estimate Widened

Also: Analysts' estimate changes for Starwood Hotels, Stewart & Stevenson, and more companies

Company: Power-One (PWER )

Year ending: Dec-01

Prior estimate: d0.10

New estimate: d0.20

Rationale: Weaker telecom markets

Company: Quantum DLT (DSS )

Year ending: Mar-02

Prior estimate: 0.30

New estimate: 0.20

Rationale: Weak IT Spending

Company: Starwood Hotels (HOT )

Year ending: Dec-01

Prior estimate: 1.98

New estimate: 0.97

Rationale: Industry weakness

Company: Stewart & Stevenson (SSSS )

Year ending: Jan-02

Prior estimate: 1.85

New estimate: 1.25

Rationale: Weaker than expected Q3

OCT. 24

Company: Louisiana-Pacific (LPX )

Year ending: Dec-01

Prior estimate: d1.07

New estimate: d1.65

Rationale: Weaker wood products markets

Company: USX-Marathon (MRO )

Year ending: Dec-02

Prior estimate: 5.70

New estimate: 3.35

Rationale: Lower oil & gas projections

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