The Best Boss: Yourself

A reader has no regrets after trading the security of Corporate America for the excitement of a startup

I enjoyed your article "Entrepreneurs, Fasten Your Seat Belts" (Oct. 12, 2001).

I was an IBM employee for nearly 23 years, but my career was cut short by the success of my online venture, My wife and I launched the company just two years ago, and we've already reached more than $500,000 in sales per year.

I enjoyed the security of corporate employment, but the risk associated with self-employment energizes me and gives me much greater satisfaction.

On the morning of September 11, we wept and prayed with our fellow Americans. We worried that a wake of economic turmoil would follow. But by the grace of God, our unique market has not suffered the downturn that many others have, and this has enabled us to give more to the September 11 fund. We'll do all we can to help stabilize our economy.

John Drummond -- The Unicycle Source

Marietta, Ga.

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