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A full-time MBA program isn't ideal for every prospective MBA. Folks with a full-time job they'd like to keep or families they need to support often look for alternatives to studying for their MBA. But until recently, sources of information about MBA courses designed for seasoned managers, called executive MBA programs, have been scarce.

That's why BusinessWeek has decided to expand its B-School rankings to include a full listing of the top MBA programs for executives worldwide. We ranked executive MBA programs once before in 1991, and now, we're weighing in with rankings based on customer satisfaction.

All summer, we've surveyed thousands of graduating executive MBAs, as well as the schools they studied at and the directors of those programs. On Thursday, Oct. 4, we'll let you know which school offers the No. 1 executive MBA program.

To hear the news, join us for BusinessWeek Online's LIVE countdown on Oct. 4 at 6 p.m. (ET) to the No. 1 executive MBA programs. We'll also tell you which schools are tops in another ranking we offer every two years of nondegree programs for execs.

Only 1,000 people can attend this live event, so make sure you come by early. As soon as we're through, we'll post the new profiles of over 150 EMBA programs worldwide and over 110 executive education programs.

Your co-hosts for this chat are Jennifer Merritt (JMerrittBW) and Mica Schneider (MicaBW), BW's and BW Online's reporters covering management education.

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