Table: Dealing with Our Tragedy

The events of Sept. 11 have caused varying levels of distress even in those not directly affected by the tragedy. Although most people's symptoms won't be severe, here's what to expect and how you can help yourself and those you love


-- Difficulty sleeping, nightmares

-- Jumpiness, trouble concentrating

-- Loss of appetite or overeating

-- Recurring thoughts of the event, or, in severe cases, flashbacks

-- Irritability

-- Feelings of emotional numbness or detachment -- Avoiding reminders

-- In children: anxiety, clinging, regression to earlier behavior, such as bed-wetting


-- Don't be afraid to discuss the event or show your emotions

-- Take time away from the tragedy by going to a movie or reading a light novel

-- Direct emotions into a positive vein by volunteering or donating

-- Parents: Reassure children they are safe, answer their questions, and return them to their normal schedule as soon as possible

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