Table: Anger in the Streets

CHINA, May, 1999

U.S. Embassy attacked in Beijing after accidental U.S. bombing of Chinese Embassy in Serbia

GREECE, Nov., 1999

Thousands of anti-U.S. protesters fight Athens police and burn shops as President Bill Clinton arrives

FRANCE, April, 2000

McDonald's employee dies in bombing of restaurant in Dinan by nationalists opposed to the U.S. chain

YEMEN, Oct., 2000

Bomb kills 17 sailors on USS Cole after anti-U.S. protests over Israeli attacks on Palestinians

IRAN, Dec., 2000

Marchers burn U.S. flags and chant "Death to America" on anniversary of 1980 takeover of U.S. Embassy

CANADA, April, 2001

Thousands march in Quebec City as 34 heads of state meet for Summit of the Americas seeking freer regional trade

NEW YORK, May, 2001

U.S. is voted off U.N. human rights panel

SWEDEN, June, 2001

Outraged at Washington's refusal to sign the Kyoto global warming accord, protesters in Gothenburg clash with police during George W. Bush's first Presidential trip to Europe

CUBA, July, 2001

Some 1.2 million march in Havana as Fidel Castro leads nation's biggest anti-U.S. rally in four decades

SOUTH AFRICA, Sept. 2001

U.S. boycotts World Conference Against Racism after it is criticized for past slavery

PAKISTAN, Sept. 2001

Celebrations break out after the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings

Data: BusinessWeek

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