Quick Takes: Big Storage, Tiny Package

Toshiba's MK5002MPL hard disk drive gives you 5GB of storage in a credit card-size box

By Mariaelena Robles

What stores 5GB of data, weighs just 1.94 ounces, and fits in a Type II PC Card slot? Toshiba's credit card-size MK5002MPL hard disk drive. Notebook users take note: Salespeople can easily transport bulky presentations without adding weight to their load; and music and media buffs can store nearly eight CD-ROMs worth of MP3s, movies, and pictures.

I tested a shipping version of the MK5002MPL on two different portables: an IBM X20 and a Sony VAIO 505TX, both of them running the Windows 98 operating system. Installation went relatively smoothly: Each laptop found the MK5002MPL immediately, but the X20 did not assign a letter for the drive until I updated its drivers. I found that I could transfer 1.6GB of music files from my IBM's hard drive to the device in about 30 minutes.

At $399, the MK5002MPL could be a bit pricey for most consumers, but it is a viable storage option for businesspeople on the go.

From the October 2001 issue of PC World magazine