Table: Where They'll Cut

Japan's top electronics groups have big plans for restructuring


-- Eliminate 4,000 chip-related jobs, 2,500 of them in Japan, with more reductions to follow

-- Pull out of the memory-chip market by 2004

-- Revamp PC and display divisions while stepping up investment in broadband and mobile networking


-- Reduce workforce by 10%, or 18,800 jobs, 17,000 of them in Japan, by March, 2004

-- Cut procurement costs by 20% and reduce by half the number of suppliers from the current 6,750

-- Spin off its money-losing memory-chip operations


-- Slash 16,400 jobs, 5,000 of them in Japan, by March, 2002

-- Merge 12 domestic chip-fabrication lines into 9, and consolidate assembly and component plants in Japan

-- Scale down hardware operations and focus on software and services

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