Table: Abby's Streak Turns Cold

FEB. 1991

Amid recession, with Dow near 2700, she turns bullish, foresees benefits of technology.

NOV. 1995

Dow at 4870. She says stocks and economic expansion have "a long way to go."

OCT. 1996

Dow at 6000. She predicts another 1000-point gain.

DEC. 1996

Dow at 6400. Fed Chairman Greenspan's "irrational exuberance" spooks market. She says stocks are 5% undervalued.

OCT. 1997

Dow at 7161, down 14% amid Asian crisis. Buy more stocks, she advises.

SEPT. 1998

Dow at 7539, down 19% amid world financial crisis. Again, buy more stocks.

DEC. 1999

Dow at 11,225. She sees 12,300 in 12 months.

DEC. 2000

Dow at 10,794. She calls for 13,000 by end of 2001.

AUG. 2001

Dow at 10,320. She expects 12,500 by end of 2001.

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