On the Web, Small and Focused Pays Off

While swollen e-zines falter and Big Media struggles with the bottom line, a handful of tiny operations thrive with niche-specific news

On any given day, WorldNet Daily, an investigative-news Web site, serves up an array of stories that you won't find anywhere else. Most of the tales are offered up as "exclusives," but all have a distinctly libertarian flavor. Think of The O'Reilly Factor online. One story running under the tagline "Your Government at Work" reveals how Oregon welfare authorities allegedly are trying to take an unborn child from its mother. Another charts farmers' protests against the federal government for refusing to release water from Oregon's Upper Klamath Lake, a refusal aimed at protecting the formerly obscure sucker fish. The cover story this month of WorldNet Daily's magazine, Whistleblower, was entitled: "Guns in America; Myth-busting research says firearms in more hands result in less crime."

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