Sys Performance 1333TD

Speedy performance and an excellent display for a reasonable price

WHAT'S HOT: A 1.33-GHz Athlon system with 256MB of 266-MHz DDR SDRAM, the Sys zipped to a score of 237 on our PC WorldBench 2000 tests--one of the highest scores ever posted by a Windows 2000 system. The Matrox Millennium G450 DualHead graphics board lets you hook up two monitors at once to create one big desktop display. The 19-inch ViewSonic PF790 monitor delivered deep, rich colors and legible text even at its maximum resolution of 1600 by 1200. The 1333TD packs a 61.5GB hard drive, a 16X/10X/40X CD-RW drive for swift backups, and a slot-loading 16X DVD-ROM drive.

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